March 30th from 6 to 8 pm

We are emerging into the landscape of spring.
Trees are blossoming, the sun and rain clouds are in a delightful dance.
Have you paused to offer yourself the gift of stillness?
Have you taken time to tend to the garden of your heart?
Come circle and pay attention to what within is calling forth greater cultivation.
Sing. Breathe. Connect. Journey.
A new vision awaits you...
Join us for a Journey into the Heart!
This ceremony is in dedication to receiving stillness as we soar into spring.
Come show up for yourself to activate the voice and heart with the medicine of cacao. Then open the mind and spirit to journey shamanically with the heartbeat of the drum. 


Embarking on a healing journey into the heart through weaving together ancient ceremonial arts. Together we will sit with cacao, activate our voices through chakra toning and journey into the Spirit World with the medicine drum. Coming together to connect, remember, vision, dream and receive guidance amidst our path of embodied evolution. 

Guidelines for the container:

{ These are invitations, please listen to your body first and foremost. You are your greatest guide. }


  • No medicines for 24 hours beforehand
  • Eating light meals day of
  • No caffeine day of
  • No tobacco day of
  • 2-3 hours fasting before ceremony 


No singing experience needed. No journey experience needed.


 Facilitator Bio:

BIO : Antonia Songbird is an elemental priestess, cacao steward, vocal embodiment guide & song carrier. Devoted to the path of sacred living and playing her part in awakening the heart of humanity. Luis Morales is a ceremonialist, healer, and teacher who has been facilitating the Shamanic Drum journey for over 10 years. A Reiki Master, Visionary artist, musician, and writer-Luis' vision is to support humanity to transform our suffering by being fully present with the beauty of each moment, knowing there is healing and medicine in all of our stories.