Made in Ceremony, intended to tap into the sacredness of the moment. 

Essences are Vibrational Medicine in the form of an Energetic Imprint upon water. With the use of intention, a crystal bowl, spring water, sunlight and a chosen plant, stone or experience, all elements come together to make a unique impression upon the water which is then preserved with alcohol. We use pear brandy and a seasonally-infused honey to enhance the body's willingness to receive what a few drops have to offer. A sensory delight- sweetness, aromatics and pure presence. 

In an age of information-overload, Essences are a subtle suggestion. They have no harmful side effects. And if the right essence is chosen, the smallest nudge that it provides feels like the 1 degree needed to feel the warmth of the sun or to shift perspective on a sticky issue. 

We keep ours on the bedside table, in our travel bags or on our altars. Life is often so full for us all, but we always have time for a drop-in meditation with our current ally of choice. We recommend focusing on the image on the front of the bottle or the intention on the back every time you partake. 

Our Essences are individually hand made with love and care, quantities are very limited.