May 11th at 3:33 p.m. 

Hi there my name is Michelle Rae pronounced [MeShell] I’m the owner of Vibrational Aesthetics located in Medford, OR and I’m a Spiritual Coach; Certified Reiki Master, Sound Therapist, Life Coach, Health Coach, Wellness Coach, and so much more.

Through the workshop we get clear on what being emotionally balanced is and why it’s extremely important, what keeps someone stuck in an unhelpful emotion or an unhelpful mindset, and 3 ways on how to be more aware of your emotions and mindset. I also provide a workbook to go with the class. I Enjoy serving cocoa and making it a very sacred space where I bring flowers and make sure we're all in a container that we feel safe and comfortable to really dive within. (It’s sometimes hard for others to do group work like this so I attempt to come at it as a very sacred circle)


I grew up on a cattle farm in Applegate, and ended up running away when I was 14 years old. My parents were abusive alcoholics my entire childhood, and after a certain point I couldn't be around them anymore. Luckily I never had to sleep on the streets, and always had a couch or somewhere to sleep. But that being said, I was exposed to verbal and physical abuse on many levels. Not to mention the unfortunate grooming at the age of six, and for many years following. After everything I had been through in life I was an extremely angry youth and tended to lash out on the people I loved the most. I found myself in my late teen’s & early 20’s the year 2018 in an extremely physical and mentally abusive relationship. much like the abusive relationship I had with my alcoholic father. Causing me to fall deeper into the cycles and toxic patterns. All I had ever known. 

It was around this time a woman named Julie Garcia ( one of the ladies who took me in when i was youth ) had reached out to me and introduced me to Sound Therapy and (2017) I started to receive sessions from her. I had really taken Keen to the instruments and Julie offered to mentor me. I was able to really connect with myself throughout attending sessions. I then got my own practitioner set of himalayan bowls and began to play with them, really diving into a personal daily meditation practice, as well as doing sessions on friends, family, etc. occasionally.

All of my healing started to spiral after that in a good way. It was like the thread that got caught in the jacket and the threads just began to unravel. I left my abusive EX and traveled to Colorado to go to the same school my mentor attended to get trained as a hands on Practitioner with Himalayan Sound Bowls. I returned home, attended Beauty School to get my Esthetics License and re connected with a High School Sweetheart who, unfortunately passed away in a tragic accident.

I continued to heal and do everything I could to create the life I desire, knowing that everything happens for a reason and that I am so lucky that I get to experience amazing people and live life to the fullest. Every. Single. Day.

I began to change my life completely after I started to pay attention to the small thighs that were actually so big in life. Thinking about what I can and will accomplish, how far i'm going to go and how far i’ve already come. How grateful I am that I GET to be alive and have the power of choice. The power of being mindful of how I treat myself and how I treat others. Setting intentions and being fully in line with what I want, and desire..

and the first step that I took was becoming aware of my mindset and the thoughts I was having. Realizing most of them were fear based,trauma based, and how it all falls in line with overall balance. Balancing life, emotions, good, bad,and so on. So, I became my own cheerleader! I started shifting my thoughts, and it started to have a huge effect on my emotions. 

In 2021 I opened my own Hands on practice called Vibrational Aesthetics and have been working with clients as a full-time occupation for the past two and a half years. Throughout my journey I learned so many different modalities that have helped me learn, heal, and transcend into the women I am and want to become. Everyday my life gets better and better and that is why I'm stepping into my power of helping others. Helping sisters, helping brothers to heal and connect within. Because I know that if I can get to where I am today that you can get anywhere you desire. It takes a community, support, and connection to grow, and sometimes its right in front of you, you just have to be vulnerable and willing to ask for help. Without the help of others, my mentor. I wouldn't be where I am today.

Website: Www.vibesthetic.com 

My IG: @Vibrational.Aesthetics