A combination of three powerful mushrooms and Manuka Honey, resulting in full body balance.  All three of these mushrooms help build immunity, assist your body in adapting to stress and assist deep sleep.  If you need more balance in your life, this tincture is the perfect choice!

Lions Mane aka a "Superfood for your BRAIN"

Reishi aka the "Queen of Mushrooms"., promotes healing and performance recovery.

Chaga is one of the highest antioxidant sources on the planet making it a immunity powerhouse.

Manuka Honey is natures most powerful honey.  With more antiviral and antibacterial properties than another honey, it is world renowned for its immune boosting benefits.

What makes Manuka Mana tinctures better than the rest?

1. Manuka honey is infused into the tincture for a smooth finish and an added powerhouse benefit!

2. We use ultrasonic technology.... sound waves + water + alcohol = maximum benefit (and magical!)

3. We utilize research on the different mushroom extraction techniques to vary the process for each individual mushroom.Each mushroom is its own and we treat it that way!

4. Our mushrooms are wild foraged in the USA in old growth forests. We know how powerful mother nature is so we strive to bring you mushrooms close to the source.

    As a dietary supplement, take 1mL twice per day.
    Can be taken with food or without, on an empty stomach or as directed by a healthcare professional.

      Spring water, alcohol* (25-35%), Lions Mane mushroom**, Chaga mushroom**, Reishi mushroom**, Manuka honey.
      *Organic Ingredients
      **Wild harvested
      100% mushroom fruit bodies