January 27th at 1 pm

The I-Ching, or Book of Changes, is humanity's oldest surviving oracle. It is from China, at least 3,000 years old and derived from shamanic ancestor worship. This class will endeavour to address the history, philosophy and mechanics of the I-Ching with the goal of participants being able to consult the book in a knowing way.

       The use of the I-Ching over the centuries has evolved and fluctuated with the cultural changes of each age. Today in this modern world its use is primarily that of answering personal questions by accessing one's subconscious in order to inform one if their actions are in harmony with the situation at hand. It will not tell one the future as much as it addresses how in harmony one is at this moment in time with situations of their life.
       About the class teacher: 
           The I-Ching found me in a bookstore 51 years ago. A seeker then as now, I would walk by store shelves and the book I needed would call to me. The Book's heavy metaphors intrigued me for many years before my mind quieted enough for me to absorb their meaning.
           Bringing the I-Ching as a gift to Burning Man ten years ago necessitated my deep dive into the scholarship of the Book. The more I learn, the more I witness how others receive a reply, the deeper I see of the mystery of our connection between our subconscious and the spontaneously generated changes in the cosmos.