December 9th, 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Enjoy festive time crafting together with the lovely aromas of the needles as you're guided to make your own flower/plant magical wreath. 

Bringing nature into your home adds light, beauty, and a reminder of the next green season to come.  We will be using seasonal evergreens, with an array of wild berries, nuts, pinecones to adorn.   

Come play in joy and reverence! 


Melanie Plies has a flower farm in Ashland and is a passionate flower lover, micro-farmer, and folk herbalist. She loves to share the grace and beauty of the flowers with the community through U-pick, CSA subscription, flower essences, workshops and events. She loves to connect with the spirit of the plants and is in awe of nature's wisdom and healing.

You can find her online at www.waterleaffarm.com and on Instagram @waterleaf.farm