Product Properties: * 8 tablets per box * Each stick burns +25min * made with bamboo sticks, palo santo powder, palo santo resin * Ethically made in Peru & Backed by the Chamber of Commerce. * CLEAN! Chemical - Free / NO CHARCOAL / NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCE About the Brand: 1. 100% Natural: Our incense is 100% Natural, made with shredded Palo Santo wood and its resin. 2. Sustainable: We collect the Palo Santo in a sustainable way (no trees are cut down to make this product), collaborating with our community and Peruvian artisans. 3. Real Aroma: You could see the little sparks that the resin of the Palo Santo creates and how the smoke creates circles in the air. With a more intense smell than the regular palo santo sticks. To be sustainable, Ispalla ensures to pick up the Palo Santo from fallen tree branches, that have dried naturally for at least 5 years. With this wood and resin from Palo Santo, the incense is made to clean dense and negative energies, relax and aromatize ambiances.