October 28th at 7 pm

Indulge in a night of mystery and satisfaction. Join us in celebration under devilishly potent elixirs crafted by Josh from Bar Julliet. Surrender and be possessed by the sounds of mastery and persuasion. Eat, drink, and commune into the night. 

Costumes are welcomed and encouraged! 

Joshua Benjamin Gehr, the creative mind behind 'Bar Julliet' and 'Liquid Origami.' Hailing from the sunny shores of Oxnard, California, he's called the artistic landscaptes of Ashland, Oregon home for the past decade. 

When he's not crafting cocktails, managing 'Bar Julliet' or leading 'Liquid Origami,' you can find Joshua indulging in his hobbies of reading, cooking, backpacking, camping, and even brewing his own magical potions.

With degrees in food science and technology, Joshua's expertise goes beyond the bar. He's also an avid music collector, and one day hopes to share his inspiring life story through a memoir, chronicling his path from a challenging neighborhood to finding his rhythm in society.

Joshua's personal and professional journey is a blend of artistry and mixology. He aspires to not only craft the perfect cocktail but also be a great father to his loved ones. With dreams of joining an international creative bar consulting team and owning late-night cocktail lounges, he's mixing up a recipe for success.