Date: January 22, 2023, 3pm

Chartreuse is a mysterious green liqueur brewed by the Carthusian monks in the mountains of France for hundreds of years. This recipe has been guarded and protected since 1737. The formula is said to include 130 herbs, plants & flowers and other secret ingredients combined in an alcohol base.
Known as the elixir for long life, this ‘medicine’ is crisp, clean and infused with the synergistic healing powers of over a hundred herbs- it sounds like a potion from a fairy tale, in many ways it is, as the original recipe came from a manuscript written in 1603.

In this hour-long class, you’ll hear a more in depth history about this recipe, prior to making your own quart jar of this Pacific Northwest version of Chartreuse. Come along... all you need is pen & paper to write down the

All supplies included, $45