This Calypso White (Belenois calypso) (Pieridae) Bell Jar has been hand set by Curated Studio expert entomologists and mounted in a museum quality bell jar. All of the display cases use museum grade 99% UV blocking conservation glass to preserve specimens, and are supported by an eco-friendly cork base. All specimens are ethically sourced from conservation projects around the world and help to support local communities and protect natural habitats, to learn more go to Curated Studio Ethos page. The picture shown is an example of the quality that you can expect to receive. Please be aware that, as these are natural products, they are subject to some variation. While no two insects are exactly alike, each of the specimens in our collection fall within the morphological perimeters for their species. *Please note that as all of our insects are 100% natural and are subject to size variation, the actual bell jar size may vary. Dimensions: 110mm x 65mm