April 18th at 10 am

Are you ready to experience a breakthrough around setting and sticking to your boundaries free from yelling, bribing or punishing?

This talk is for you if:

  • You struggle setting & sticking to your boundaries.
  • You are afraid of conflict with your child.
  • You feel like you are invisible and no one hears you.

Close your eyes and imagine feeling more connected to your child even when holding your boundary?

How would this change the environment in your home?

What you will receive from attending this talk:

  • The difference between a boundary and a rule.
  • What it means to hold space for your child.
  • What’s behind building loving boundaries. (I’ve heard from
    my clients this is an a-ha moment for them; don’t miss out!)
  • Steps to Build Loving Boundaries that last.

Satya Beneventi is Your Partner in Parenting and is deeply passionate about her work as a Parent Coach for Turning Point Parenting. Her individual, couple and group sessions offer parents the opportunity to transform their relationship with their children to create peaceful and harmonious homes; not to mention lasting change!