We will be exploring many different types of physical cleansing techniques for health of the full body and to promote longevity—from teeth, tongue, and gums, to skin and the internal organs. Many of the methods come from ancient yogic traditions. We will also cover Nadine Artemis’ “8 steps for Self Dentistry.” I will bring all of my tools to demonstrate how they are used, and some of these are found  in-store for purchase if you decide you’d like to try them. Some of the class will be experiential, where it  will be optional to  practice  techniques. I will also cover the benefits of the different cleansing techniques, and how often it is beneficial to practice each one.


We will cover: Tongue scraping, oil pulling, extra gum care, dry skin brushing, neti pot, nasya oil, agni sara/naouli—cleansing physical movements for the intestines, guasha, and cleansing breath practices to reduce carbon dioxide and increase oxygen flow.