August 11 at 4:30 pm

Come learn about Major Arcana archetypes cards #1-9, who is your personal archetype and what flower, plant or environmental essence works with such cards. Flower essence included! 

Denai Grace Seacombe-Fuller has been a Tarot Guide for 30 years. She created the online course Bewitched By Tarot and has seen thousands of clients worldwide. She is deeply rooted in the original RWS deck and its archetypes, history and symbolism. This particular class is an original creation into the Tarot which has been developed over the 3 decades as Denai has been influenced by the 78 images & characters who make up the Tarot system. She is also a trained Flower Essence Practitioner who brings that depth of knowledge to the herbal aspect of this class. 

You can find her at 
and on Instagram @moonflowermedicine