Welcome to Thursday Sound Healing Baths at Elder Apothecary! May all that you discover in this space and time bring you harmony, joy, fulfillment and a release from anything holding you back from continuing to live your Divine Design. Come join us in this space from 6:30-7:30 p.m. every 1st and 3rd Thursday with Laura Silan and Eyliana Gibson as they share instrumental sound meditation baths.  Make sure to register online and bring your yoga mat, blanket and small pillow/cushion to lay on and utilize within the class.

Deeply relaxing and rejuvenating, sound frequencies are played to take you into the deep, relaxed brainwaves of Alpha/Theta as “sound healing frequencies + one’s intentions=healing and manifestation” (John Goldman).  This natural process heals and nurtures the physical and subtle body alongside the metaphysical aspects of our lives. Offering diverse sound frequencies naturally assists cells operating in dissonance to come back into their true resonant frequencies which promotes self-healing and self-harmonizing, communication with your inner self, chakra balancing, immune system boosts, lowers blood pressure and heart rates, heightens decision making and creativity, increases  oxygen levels in the body, takes your brain into deeper states of Alpha/Theta in which deep rest, self-healing and insights occur, improves quality of sleep, alleviates anxiety and depression, soothes the nervous system, lowers stress hormones like cortisol,  increases the release of feel good hormones like endorphins, dopamine and serotonin, and heightens intuition and the connection with your higher self.  

Laura Silan is a trained sound healing practitioner who has been providing multi-instrumental sound baths and sound mediations for several years within school settings and programs for both students and staff.  Dedicated to using sound to create and share beauty and joy in the world, Laura enjoys playing and sharing sound frequencies in diverse ways, places and spaces.  With a Masters in Education and over thirty years as a facilitator of education programs around the world, Laura has an extensive background in creating environments that nurture creativity and harmony at high frequencies.

Eyliana Gibson, aka Apothecurly, is an intuitive healer and hairdresser. Her focus on energetic wellness from within allows space for recalibration of mind, body, spirit. In addition to sound baths, she offers crown healing rituals energy work, and psychic channeling.