September 22nd, October 6th and October 20th

Join us for a unique opportunity to explore making and using herbal medicine to support the full spectrum of women's wellbeing. In this 3 class series we will be covering an array of topics including tonic herbs for optimal health, supporting hormonal health and the menstrual cycle with herbs, using herbs for PMS, irregular cycles, menopause, breast health, stress support, libido, pelvic steaming, self care rituals and much more! Throughout the class series you will learn to make a variety of herbal medicines including oxymels, tinctures, oils and a steam/smoke blend.

*All medicine making supplies included in cost*


Individual class descriptions:

Class 1: Tending the Hearth - Oxymels, Vinegars & Infusions - We will cover cultivating health and resilience with herbs, basic herbal terminology, foundations of women's health, digestive health, minerals, nutrition, herbal categories including nutritive herbs, uterine tonics, bitter herbs and trophorestorative herbs. We will learn how to make and use herbal infusions, oxymels and vinegars.

We will make an oxymel (an extract made with apple cider vinegar & honey) of mineral rich/uterine tonic herbs.


Class 2: Hormonal Health & the Menstrual Cycle - Tinctures & Elixirs - We will cover the basics of hormonal health, tending the menstrual cycle, menstrual cycle irregularities, PMS, estrogen dominance, the stress cycle, herbal categories including adaptogens, hormone balancing herbs, liver support herbs and emmenagogues.

We will make a tincture or elixir of female hormone balancing herbs.


Class 3: Nourishing the Feminine Essence - Steams, Smokes & Oils - We will cover rituals and practices to support our health and connection to our feminine essence. This will include pelvic/yoni steaming, breast care, herbal body oiling, creating herbal rituals, aphrodisiac herbs, herbal smoking blends, cultivating connection to plants and more.

We will make a smoke &/or steam blend (can be used interchangeably) and an herbal oil for womb and breast massage.


Class price: $45 per class or sliding scale $125, $135, $155 for class series


IG: @mamma.amma


Amma is a clinical herbalist, gardener, medicine maker and eternal student of the plants. She has maintained a lifelong connection to the realms of nature, and that love affair has informed her path as an herbalist and advocate of wellness through connection to nature and its medicines. She trained in bioregional herbalism, Ayurveda, ethical wildcrafting and clinical herbalism through the Hawthorn Institute and has continued to devote herself to the path of herbal medicine ever since.