April 9th from 2-5pm with Janani

 In honor of Ukraine and their beautiful art traditions, we will be learning a style of egg-dying that is traditional to Ukraine and Poland. While they look complex and detailed, the process is surprisingly simple—and anyone can create beautiful patterns with some easy-to-learn techniques—even if you have not practiced art! If it is nice out, we will walk across the street to be outside in Lithia park.

The method is similar to batik, where patterns are drawn on the egg with wax, which then protects the covered areas from the dye that is applied. By repeating this process with different colors of dye, a multi-colored pattern is built up. Finally, the wax is removed to reveal the brilliant colors that were covered up at each stage. 

We will be using smooth duck eggs from happy, well-taken care of ducks at my friend Don Tipping’s farm “Seven Seeds”. And we will be using natural pigment, non-toxic egg dyes from a local company “Earth Paint.”

My Grandfather’s family is half Ukranian, and half Russian, and in honor of them, I learned this technique from my mom when I was young, and it has always been my favorite way to dye eggs.