Date: April 8th, 2023 from 3 to 4 pm

Interested in plant communication and attuning to nature’s wisdom? 

Would you like a chance to slow down and go inward amidst the holiday buzz?

Through the joy of a hot cup of tea, we will listen to Tulsi’s song, in sweet silence. 

Get to know this sacred plant being, revered through the ages as the Divine Feminine Embodied. 

We will begin with guidance on how to connect to the spirit of plants, sharing about Tulsi's medicine, and then have time for sharing after our tea meditation. 

Teacher's Bio

Melanie Plies has a flower farm in Ashland (Waterleaf Farm) and is a passionate flower lover and folk herbalist. She loves to share the grace and beauty of the flowers with the community through U-pick, CSA subscription, flower essences, workshops and events. Connecting with the spirit of the plants and learning with nature's wisdom, brings her great joy. 

IG - @waterleaffarm