Thursday, April 21, 11am

Our thoughts really do create our reality and now faster than ever! Are you watching what you are thinking? How to get a handle on the ones we want? How to weed out those subconscious or deeply ingrained beliefs that limit & sabotage our efforts to be who we wish to be?

Come and join this wonderful weekly class which is to empower, reframe yourself and transcend the thoughts you don’t like! There has never been a more important time to expediently change Your mind. Classes are like mini coaching sessions where we dig down to find a core belief that we’d like to change and wire a new belief in our heart brain interface and energy system to then ripple out and effect positive change in our life, and others – we all affect each other!

This is not therapy to focus on and rehash the past. It is about pulling in the future to the embodied now, focusing on how you’d like to show up in your life, and how you’d like it to be. Music and simple movements will be part of the class. Bring a notebook. Open to all.


Tanya has been a practicing therapist and educator for over 30 years.  In 1999, her joy to discover the efficacious tools and methods to improve learning through Brain Gym/Educational Kinesiology led her to specialize and train as a consultant, dive into the fascinating ever-expanding world of neuroscience and teach how it correlates to our experience of life and our mind-body relationship. Originally from the UK she moved to the US in 2006. She has taught seminars and workshops for many years nationally and internationally and has now settled in Ashland, Oregon. Her life is now to more simply inspire, uplift and share these fun and dynamic tools whilst living more deeply connected to the intelligence of nature.


Tanya has a private practice for adults, teens and children using Brain Gym, Coaching, Healing Bodywork, EFT, Music and Sound therapy and other mind-body modalities to facilitate whole-brain function, release trauma, transform academic challenges like ADD, and help people to achieve their goals and full potential. She is the creator of Qi-Gym, a weekly movement class combining simple Qi-Gong with Heart Brain Balance techniques to rewire the brain and body.


Her mission is to reach many people and educational establishments far and wide by teaching and sharing these profound methods, simply and effectively, helping radical, positive transformation and hence the ripple effect of empowered people empowering others takes place.