June 17th from 3pm-5:30pm with Lexy Baron

Learn to create your very own Turkey Wing Appalachian style hand broom. 

Carrying much weight of Southern Folklore, a Handmade broom is something particularly special. If given love and care, sweeping new floors with a brand new broom brings prosperity and initiates hopeful new beginnings. Many cultures use a specially made broom for weddings still to this day. This tradition came from enslaved Africans that were deprived from legal marriage so they jumped over a broom to signify their spiritual union. A handmade broom is a work of art, made from a special plant and bound with twine holding love and care with every wrap. Being brought up in the south, broom making is something that is close to my heart. I believe in the power of cleaning your space. Sweeping with a handmade broom utilizes an incredible energy and brings this energy in your home. I love working with my hands and making brooms is a passion of mine.