Wednesday’s from 4-6pm
Beginning February 2nd - March 30 
In this nine week program: 
You’ll explore the hidden numerological relationships between the Major Arcana archetypes and their root meanings originating in the ancient cultures of the Middle East.
Using guided visualization, movement and journaling, you’ll gain  insight as you mine your own life experiences and deepen your understanding of each card’s meaning. 
  You’ll gain skills to easily create your deck regardless of artistic ability.

Madeleine Sklar, MS is a priestess, Life Re-Creation Guide, Tarot Counselor, Artist
At 79, Madeleine Sklar has over 61 years of working with the Tarot. Her work has integrated ancient archetypes and wisdom traditions to support others in exploring their unique process of healing, self-discovery and creative expression .
           She believes we all can create pearls from our pain, as we continue to grow, create and inspire healing, love, and understanding. She is an expert at staying curious and enjoying life.

Published works: 
 “Healing The Mother-Daughter Wound: Women Recreating Our Roots And Drawing From Hidden Springs Of Creativity And Empowerment.” 

“Our Ancient Mother’s Alphabet, A New Kabbalistic Approach To The Hebrew Aleph-Bet And The Tarot,” based on the root meanings of the letters originating in the pre-Judaic Canaanite Goddess cultures of the Middle East.