July 31st from 330 p.m. to 530 p.m. - This workshop is for medium to advanced tarot readers and not a class for beginners.

The Tarot Salon is a workshop wherein Amadia Shadow Rabbit will lead attendants thru discussion, activity, tarot spreads, and a guided tea meditation based on one of the Major Arcana per workshop. This one will focus on the seventh of the Major Arcana- The Chariot.

The Chariot embodies the wise adage- “the world belongs to the enthusiast who keeps cool.” With a steady grasp upon the reins, the driver of this power wagon leads the horses eternally forward, driving the forces of evolution, confidence, and motivation.

We use the Chariot’s essence to get things GOIN! So it’s a perfect way to kick off the workshop series.

Please bring your own tarot deck (as we will offer readings to each other in pairs), any item or charm that represents the Chariot to you to add to the altar, and a notebook if you’d like to take notes!

Amadia Shadow Rabbit is a multi-media artist, performer, diviner, and lover of plants, adventure, and the mysteries. They have been reading and teaching tarot for 16 years, and consider themselves a devotee to the Tarot as a spiritual path.