Saturday, April 16th, 12-2pm


  • In Spring Greens, we will look into the seasonal changes of Spring, how the shift from winter into spring impacts our health, and connect this with the abundance of wild medicnal spring greens that grow at this time in our bioregion.  What many refer to as weeds are highly nutritious foods as well as valuable medicinals.  They can help to cleanse our bodies from winter and nurture us for Spring, a time for “Spring Cleaning” as they say in Southern Folk Medicine. Each of us has a different response to the changes of the seasons, and so do certain herbs exhibit their own unique responses upon our physiology. This is where understanding the energetics of herbs through their medicinal actions, their influence upon the elements, and how they fit into the broader ecology, helps us to better utilize these plants in a way that is truly holistic. We can orient ourselves towards better health through connecting with our local plants and synching ourselves into the seasonal rhythms of nature.

    • How the spring seasonal shift affects our external and internal environment through the astronomical cycles between the sun and earth
    • How the traditional lens of yin and yang, the elements and the signs of the zodiac help us to better understand the archetypal patterns of the Seasons
    • Common spring health concern: Nutrition, Lymphatics, Allergies
    • We will get to observe and taste many common wild edible and medicinal plants including Dandelion, Chickweed, Plantain, Violet, Miner's Lettuce, Nettle, and Cleavers
    • Plant identification, herbal energetics, recipes and herbal preparation methods 


Logan Keister (he/him) is a clinical herbalist, wildcrafter, medicinal herb farmer, astrologer, and permaculture designer, born and raised in the coniferous forests of Noti, Oregon. He has worked with many clients with a diverse range of health concerns over the years and helped them address their concerns using the Vitalist approach to herbalism. Vitalist practitioners employ clinical strategies that support the life force through encouraging nourishment, digestion, rest, finding purpose in life, connection with nature, and avoiding obstacles that distort life's processes. He currently resides in Williams, Oregon where he works at Strictly Medicinal Seeds and runs his own small business Noti Botanica where he sells herbal remedies, offers holistic health consultations, and shares his teachings on herbalism. Logan received his training in clinical herbalism and botany at The Columbine School of Botanical Studies, The Matthew Wood Institute of Herbalism, The School of Evolutionary Herbalism, and has a B.S. in Horticulture from Oregon State University.