April 5 from 6-8pm with Lily McCabe and Asa Tafari


Presenting an evening of sound and ceremonial space for those wishing to receive a unique combination of frequencies and energies to support positive shifts in all areas of their life and consciousness. This event is offered as a place for participants to safely remove the shackles from their souls and fly directly into the light of their Higher Self Nature and the Divine. The combination of frequencies from sound-healing instruments, the powerful spiritual lineages represented, and the multi-dimensional nature of Light Language opens opportunities for transformation on many levels. Healing can occur in the areas of ancestral lineage, familial dynamics, past and current life issues, energy imbalances, cultural programming, difficult emotions and limiting beliefs, physical discomfort, and much more - each person’s experience is unique to themselves. Expansion of consciousness is always part of the process. We believe that the deepest form of love that one can offer to themselves and the world is the gift of healing, and we are deeply grateful to provide a container to help facilitate that healing.

Total event time is 2 hours, which includes an opening introduction and prayer intention with Lily and Asa, the sound healing itself, and a closing integration period where participants will have time to ground and share their experiences if desired.

Participants please bring: ground pads, yoga mats, blankets, pillows, eye covers, and whatever you need to be comfortable lying down for over one hour.