June 30th 6pm

We welcome artists Sophia Corinne and Lizzy Dutton to Ashland for a night of music. Featuring Fallyn McLeod

Sophia Corinne is currently based in Asheville NC, where she lives in a tiny home. Though her home may be small, her music is not afraid of taking up space. In performance, her dynamic voice ushers the listener into new worlds. Her songs are ruminations on nature. They pluck their way through memories, relationships, trials and tribulations. Best known for her work in the indie band Wild Array (formerly Hoo:Lumes), her solo material is embarking on a journey of its own.


Lizzy lives in Oakland, California, where she spends most of her time teaching Algebra and Geometry at MetWest High School. When the homework is turned in and night-time falls, Lizzy writes music.Her EP, Amnesia, swells with violin, guitar, pedal steel, and piano arrangements that together create an autobiographical landscape of love, loss, and existential dread. In just six songs, you can hear Lizzy’s range of musical influences from her classical violin training as a child in New York State to the rich Folk and Americana traditions Lizzy witnessed as a teenager in Austin, Texas and bulk of her early twenties in Nashville, Tennessee.