June 2nd at 4 pm

Sacred Medicine Master Class with

Melissa Goodblanket, Elder and Wisdom Keeper from Oklahoma who will be visiting Ashland.
In this 90 minute gathering Melissa will share a brief history of Peyote, how the sacrament came to the people and the formulation of the Native American Church and how peyote is used for the people ceremonially.
This Master Class will enlighten and educate each participant in attendance
Come join us, partake in the blessings of this sacred plant, experience the "Spirit" guidance and beauty of this Teacher Plant. 
Each participant will take home a bottle of plant essence prepared underneath a canopy of fresh medicine, infused with prayers and the vibrations of a crystal singing bowl. 
Facebook info:  Many Moons Indigenous Teachings with Melissa Goodblanket:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/980113079168739