May 11th 2023 at 6:30 pm

The practice of journeying with the drum to receive insight, engage in healing, and communicate with Spirit has been around for centuries and has traversed the world over. 

The intention for this circle is to create a safe container to journey within, both through supported self-reflection and through guidance from Spirit in the Journey Space.

One of the blessings of the journey practice is the ability to gain clarity and integration support on major life transitions. After this most recent eclipse portal, we all have things to integrate in order to walk forward on our path with integrity and ease. This is why we circle.

We will invite the benevolent beings of the seven sacred directions in before the journey to help guide our way and encircle us in a shield of light and healing. These elements all support and amplify the beauty of the sacred drum journey as we embark with the Buffalo drum on a healing journey to the Spirit World, where the benevolent Angels, Guides, Teachers, Spirit Animals, and Ancestors reside to support you in your intention for self-growth. 

In the sacred journey space, we can release and receive the blessings and insights that illuminate and further propel us on our path to living our highest truth.

Walk away feeling grounded, connected to Source and self, and activated in your vision!

Luis has a way of creating a warm space of inquiry and inspiration while supporting his students with concrete tools to make this sacred practice their own at home.

To get the most out of the workshop; bring a journal, a light snack, and a meditation cushion if you prefer.

Come and journey with us as we grow in this most auspicious time of Heaven and Earth's Harmonization!



Luis is a visionary creator of Afro-Taino heritage who grew up in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. He is a ceremonialist, Reiki Master-Teacher, painter, writer, and liaison for the Indigenous Nations Alliance (INA). He is a prayer craftsman & drum maker and has been facilitating the Shamanic Drum ceremony for over 10 years and works in service to the Altar of Elders on the Red Road path with plant teachers for the last 5 years since moving to Southern Oregon.

In the Summer Solstice of 2012, Luis received a vision and a humble nudge from Spirit to gather people to journey to the worlds of Spirit to learn, grow, and heal. He lives outside of Ashland, Oregon, where he teaches Reiki, hosts new & full moon drum journey ceremonies alongside his beloved Antonia Songbird, and spends his free time beading on the loom of life and painting his visions from the Spirit World.

Website: www.goldenphoenix.one

instagram: @goldeneagleheart