August 14th at 3 pm. - 

Life is relationships. 

Everyone and everything is in relationship with something/ someone. How would it feel to have a better understanding of the unseen potions of relationships?

In this 90 minute class we will introduce and expand upon energy with the context of relationships.

Through a mix of lecture style, tangible real time practice and guided imagery by the end of the class you will: 

- begin or deepen your understanding of where your own energy begins.

- have tools to discern your energy from someone else’s.

- deepen the skill set in relating to others and the world.

- begin to dance with the idea that allowing space to the meaning we give to the actions around us may change our lives and quite possibly the world.


Alexis Edwards is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine (licensed in Florida), Multidimensional Healer, Psychic, Author,  founder of The Expansion Principle Institute & channel of the Expansion Principle energy healing technology. She's taken the knowledge she's gained along spiritual/  human journey  and transformed it into programs that supports spiritual workers, healers and seekers. Immersed in the world of ritual, reverence and spirit created a deep sense of faith and trust in both herself, the world of the unseen and what she is here to do on this planet, in service of humanity. Follow her on @expansionprincipleinstitute