December 7th from 4 to 7 p.m.

This red tent circle will be an opportunity for local women and womb carriers to come together to experience the bonding and magic of being amongst the company of other womb carriers.   The red tent is a place where menstruating women can come to be in each other's presence and to share in a group ceremony that is designed to harness the power of the menstrual blood and of our individual cycles. This helps us to be more balanced and aligned with ourselves and our bodies. Sadly, in popular culture, there is a lot of shame around menstruation. This sense of shame is something that red tent circles seek to remedy, through education and empowerment practices. Each woman/ womb carrier present will have the opportunity to share a part of their journey with the circle, during the group ceremony. Even if you are not menstruating on the day of the red tent circle, or if you haven't begun menstruating yet in your life, or if you have stopped menstruating in your life, you may still attend this circle, if you carry a womb, or once did (in the case of womb carriers who have had a hysterectomy).

Short Bio
Cecilia practices finding the sacred in all of its forms. The sacred can be found in many avenues of life. Cecilia enjoys creating sacred spaces through rituals and circles. She holds an open-minded and holistic approach to the red tent space which allows her and those in ceremony with her, to open to safely held experiences of community, and personal healing, through community. She also reads tarot cards and is an astrologer.
 You can find her on Instagram at  @astrotarot.mysteries77