April 22 from 2-4pm with Neeta Singh, Certified yoga and Ayurveda pachkarma consultant.


Give a boost to your immune system and get relieved from a sinus infection naturally:


What is Ayurveda:
Ayurveda ‘आयुर्वेद’ is a science of longevity, it’s a 5000 years old wellness practice from India, it can guide every individual in the proper choice of diet, yoga and meditation to return to your life with a new daily routine & restore balance in the body mind & consciousness. Ayurveda believes all diseases happens when our body mind and spirit is not in balance, not at ease. Ayurveda can help bring us into balance and set us disease free.

This treatment starts with a short face massage with oil matched to your constitution. Heat is then applied to your face for deeper penetration of the oil. The treatment ends with the administration of 3-8 drops of oil in each nostril, depending on your concerns. A series of these treatments can be taken for even more pronounced results. A 3 or 7 day treatment is given depends on the condition we are treating, usually for nigrabes it takes 6 treatments.

 Ayurveda talks about nostrils to be the doorway to the brain. Nasyam (Errhine Therapy) is a very powerful rejuvenate Panchakarma therapy that involves administering of medicated herbal oils through the nose

Nasya is a great treatment for pain or discomfort in the head, neck or shoulders region.

It effectively relieves sore neck and shoulders, headaches, allergies, congestion, loss of smell, sneezing, sinusitis, sunken and puffy eyes. Nasya is also beneficial for sufferers of insomnia, as well as for those who feel run-down and fatigued.

 Benefits -: Nasya treatment is effective for nasal congestion, allergies, sinusitis, headaches, migraine, rhinitis, and other nasal infections.

 Cleanses Sinuses,

Expels Mucus buildup,        

Improves immunity,

Releases Toxins.

 Nasya is a part of panchkarma therapy and includes instillation of herbal medication through nose. Mainly intended for ENT disorders. It opens blocked channels, relives headaches and migraines

 The nose is the door to consciousness and the pathway to our inner pharmacy. Medications that are administered via the nasal passages affect the mind, prana, vata, pitta and kapha. Administer nasya on an empty stomach an hour before or after a shower or exercise.


Neeta Singh is an Ayurvedic medicine specialist and certified yoga/meditation teacher. Neeta grew up in north India. She has been a life time student & long time teacher of Yoga and Ayurveda since 2003, Neeta is also founder of Neetanaturals Ayurvedic  wellness company, At Our Ayurveda center we are offering private yoga/meditation and many Ayurvedic pain relief therapies, that are time tested and scientifically proven to be effective. Call to schedule today and begin your Ayurveda wellness journey to get 1 step closer to  the health