April 9th from 10 am to 1 pm

Mayan healer and midwife, Odilia Raxjal, is visiting from Guatemala to offer her wisdom and her medicine in traditional Mayan midwifery practices. Odilia is a mother to 17 children, midwife to 2,000 births and is a highly respected medicine woman in her community. Odilia teaches that our health comes from our very center, and for women, it is our uterus. Our uterus has a strong connection to our heart, our emotions, and our story. 

Odilia will be offering a mini masterclass at Elder Apothecary, Tuesday, April 9th from 10-1pm. She will share self-care uterine massage techniques which are tangible and could be practiced anywhere. She’ll also share herbal practices and birth stories as well as open up space to ask her questions individually if needed.

This could also be an opportunity for those interested to schedule individual sessions to receive Odilia’s unique technique called "soplar" where she would force herbal steam into the vulva to help release years of pain and tension. Traditionally, the limpia and soplar is practiced in a temazcal, a traditional sweat lodge from Odilia's region.This practice can bring freedom and blessings for women from all walks of life, and that is the deepest medicine any woman could possibly experience.


For all participants of the masterclass, there is a chance to follow up with one or multiple limpia and soplar sessions in a private temazcal at La Medicina Farm in Talent, where Odilia’s long-time student, Anya Tyutyunik, is hosting her services. Anya also has been teaching Mayan Uterine healing with Odilia for the past 10 years.

Sessions are $120 (limpia and soplar)


Please note that Odilia does not speak english but we provide a translator for the masterclass as well as private sessions (unless you are a Spanish speaker)

If you have more questions about receiving soplar sessions with Odilia, please contact Anya at 917-204-2360