Thursday, March 24th 4-5:30pm with Laura Carmody

Menstrual Divination is a holistic approach to sacred menstruation in which we approach our cycles as divinatory tools that hold deep and powerful information about all aspects of our being. This workshop will help you to scry the signs and symptoms of your moon cycle, unlocking the keys of wisdom that your blood and womb are speaking to you. When we bleed, how much we bleed, what phase the moon is in, where we are on the planet, what color and consistency our blood has, any symptoms that we feel menstrually and premenstrually- all of these are signals that carry insights and codes about our bodies and beings. Let’s take a deep dive into our sacred menstrual cycles, and immerse ourselves into their magical, divinatory potential. *Please bring a journal and something to write with! If you have a separate menstrual cycle tracker, bring that too!*
 Laura (she/they) is a menstrual health and empowerment educator residing in southern Oregon. She loves to support people as they cultivate deep and meaningful relationships with their bodies and cycles. Laura trains groups and individuals in red tent facilitation, and brings practical Red Tent bleeding spaces to festivals and gatherings.

Laura’s approach to sacred menstruation recognizes the systemic inequities that have lead to period poverty, inaccessibility of menstrual necessities, and global menstrual taboos. She believes that all menstruators deserve to bleed with dignity, with access to menstrual education and care, and with clean water. She is devoted to playing her part in stewarding a world where menstruation is truly respected. You can connect with Laura on Instagram @threadedred or on her website: threadedred.org