Sunday December 18th from 2:00 p.m. to 3 p.m.
This class will explore some of the folklore and history associated with beekeeping and the medicinal value of the products from the hive. We will dive into some user-friendly pharmacology of: honey, beeswax, pollen and propolis. This will be presented from the perspective of a beekeeper and will dive into the biology of the sweet products made by these little alchemists. We will look at the chemical constituents of the products of the hive and explore the ways they serve the health of bees and impact our health and physiology as well. The hands-on portion of this class will provide a step by step process of how to make a medicinal herbal salve and an electuary. Everyone will have the opportunity to work together and be a participant in this medicine making experience. A yummy pollinator inspired herbal tea with honey from my hives will be included and available to in-person participants throughout the class. Handouts with hive product recipes will be provided to all participants and in-person participants will go home with a small salve and small jar of an herbal electuary.
Teacher's Bio
My name is Holly Hawthorn and I am an herbalist, a beekeeper, a gardener and a medical massage therapist  in Ashland, Oregon. I have had a private massage practice in Ashland for over 11 years and was drawn to herbal medicine on account of wanting to help my clients support their health in more natural and nurturing ways.I studied herbalism for 2 years with the beloved herbalist, Rosemary Gladstar and am currently continuing my herbal education through a 3 year Clinical Herbal medicine program through the Vermont Center of Integrated Herbalism.  I have bee hives located throughout Ashland and find merging the fascinating world of the honeybee seamlessly into my passion for health and wellness. I enjoy initiating those new to both herbal medicine and beekeeping into this fascinating world and for those who already have knowledge and experience, I always love to dive deeply into the nerdy science of both phytopharmacology, bee biology and human physiology, meanwhile balancing with a reverence to the history and folklore of the herbalists and beekeepers of a time past.