Ugly Bird Emu Oil. Pure Emu Oil with a hint of  Frankincense Oil. We have bottled this miracle oil for all to enjoy the benefit of this amazing oil. Emu Oil Moisturises, Protects, Heals Wrinkles:  Plumps up underlying skin layers to reduce fine lines. Dark Circles: Significantly decreases the appearance of bags and dark circles. Scars: Reduces nasty redness  and stimulates growth of new cells. Healing of wounds Stretch Marks: Helps skin to give and promotes replacement of damaged layers. Sunburn: Soothes the pain and damage and promotes fresh skin regeneration. Allergies: Soothes sensitive skin  without worry of further irritation. May assist with Arthritis & Joint Pain. Roller ball application, roll on the required areas. Come winter keep the bottle warm to keep the ball rolling. Proudly Made In South Australia