May 21st from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

A writing workshop focused on self expression through the art of a letter. We will open up sacred space by connecting with our heart. Through guided mediation, ceremonial cacao and writing prompts…we will come to center stillness & allow the muse to rise, to write! 

There will be 3 rounds of writing to past, present and future. You can write to someone of the past, a friend, lover or partner to assist in the grieving process for what has been. You can write to a current friend, companion or partner to share what is authentically alive for you in relation to this person. You can write to a future beloved, lover or partner of the space you are making for them in your life and the love you are calling in. You can write to yourself and give yourself the love you wish to receive! If you don’t have anyone coming to mind of who to write to, it can be for an acquaintance that you admire or to a stranger on the street. l

This workshop is about giving an outlet for creativity to move through you. You will give yourself the opportunity for emotions to be expressed, truth revealed and a fun sense of intimacy curated with self by saying YES.. to write, to love, to life.


Antonia Songbird is a writer, creative muse, songstress, cacao steward and elemental priestess. She has been facilitating workshops and ceremonies with a focus on heart healing for over two years. A fire burns in her heart for authentic expression & to wake the artist that lives within us all.

You can find her at the Goddess Temple of Ashland and on Instagram @avoiceoftheearth