August 15th from 1230 to 230 - 
Wildcrafting begins with relationship; relationship to living plants, to land, to seasons, to ones own senses. The earth longs for our engagement and interaction. If you have been curious about how to begin your wildcrafting journey, this class is for you. We will take a slow meander through Lithia park, meeting common and not-so-common plants. You’ll learn how to identify plants with medicinal, edible, and other ethnobotanical uses. We’ll explore what it means to ethically wildcraft in reciprocity with the plants. The walk will close with experiential time for connecting with the wisdom of the plants through your senses and subtle awareness. You’ll take home a journal for documenting your ongoing botanical explorations as well as empowerment to care for your human body while tending our earth’s body.

Lauren is the founder of Backyard Wildcraft which inspires people to attend to the land beneath their feet and nurture relationships with plants. She’s a community herbalist and medicine crafter trained in the Vitalist lineage. Lauren leads community plant walks and classes, offers personalized backyard consultations and works at Oshala farm. She lives in the Medford, on traditional Takelma land in Southern Oregon with her family. Follow her at @backyardwildcraft