December 10th 2022 starting at 2pm
This is an opportunity for anyone to learn, or further their knowledge on the Polynesian root beverage known as Kava. This event will provide you with a chance to experience Kava and learn about the cultures that surround kava as well as its medical benefits, and its historical and modern day uses. The kava provided will be from the islands of Vanuatu and there will also be a limited supply of Hawaiian Kava from the Big Island. 
This wont be a traditional “classroom” type event, but instead an opportunity to drink some kava, ask questions, learn about the root beverage and socialize with other like minded friends and relax. There will be photos and videos playing and some books available to read.
Teacher's Bio:
Remy is originally from a small town outside of West London, England. He has a degree in photojournalism and a passion for travel and learning about other cultures. After graduation from university, He moved to Florida were he worked as an eco tour guide providing paddle board and kayak tours down the Indian River Lagoon, teaching people about the wildlife and eco system in one of the most diverse estuaries in the Northern hemisphere. During his stay in Florida he was introduced to Kava. It became a regular thing for him and I thoroughly enjoyed its modern uses and the atmosphere it provided in the establishments where it is served. After about four years in Florida he spent a summer in Alaska and then moved to Hawaii after. It was here that he fell in love with the culture and the history, particularly that which included kava. he started working at the oldest Kava bar in Hawaii, located in Kona and owned by Native Hawaiian kava farmers and this is where he learnt so much more than he could have ever imagined not just about Kava, but also the Hawaiian culture. As well as learning, He also love teaching and Kava is something he is passionate teaching about. He Have been involved in Kava for just about 10 years.