September 11th from 6 to 9 p.m.

Join us, as we bring together the timeless practice of journeying to the medicine drum and the heart opening activation of cacao. Luis and Antonia have prepared a space for us to journey together into the Spirit World in sacred shared space. 
Cacao is an ally that assists us on embarking into the way of the heart. You will be receiving…
• connection to the Cacao Spirit
• deeper presence into the now moment
• alchemy of the open heart
• activation of the voice to speak, share & sing
The medicine drum represents the heartbeat of our Mother Earth. We will be guided by Luis with the buffalo drum on a healing journey within. Here we can connect with benevolent angels, guides, teachers, animals and ancestors to support you in your intention for self-growth. In this space, you can both release and receive the blessings that will illuminate & give insight to your current path of embodiment. 
This is a clean sober container, with only the medicine of cacao and the drum guiding our prayers. Please give yourself 24 hours away from other medicines to keep the space harmonized for all participants. Light fasting for 2-4 hours before is best to fully open, while we encourage everyone to listen to your body’s needs. 
Please Bring…
• squish (blanket, pillow, sheepskin for comfort..)
• journal
• water bottle
• snack / nourishment
Antonia Songbird is a writer, songstress, elemental priestess, transformational guide and creative muse. 
Luis Morales is a writer, ceremonialist, facilitator, healer, teacher, reiki master and message therapist. To connect more with his work you can find him at https://www.goldenphoenix.one/