January 28 from 3-5pm

Come learn how the planets physically impact us physically. We will sample a wide array of information on Medical Astrology including the planetary actions on our body and mind, their associated body regions, distinguishing between life-giving and non-life-giving aspects of our charts. We will demonstrate how medical astrology assesses “strength” and “weakness” of a planet and potential remedies to weak planets.


"My name is Mizuko Takamoto. I’ve lived around the country and internationally and enjoy the experience and study of life and death. I’ve studied various aspects of the healing arts including massage and bodywork, energetic bodywork, Shiatsu, Watsu, Western astrology and have done counseling and tutoring work for teenagers earlier in my career. I currently practice massage out of Elder Apothecary and am a medical astrologer, connecting the wisdom of astrology directly to physical and mental healthcare. I aim to empower others to take control of their health. Feel free to browse my website at www.mkmobilize.com."