June 30th from 2-4pm Taught by Clinical Herbalist, Amma Rosavalon

This class offers an opportunity to learn how to manage stress and support the nervous system from a herb focused perspective.

We will begin by going over the fundamentals of how the nervous system functions, common neurotransmitters and how the stress response works. We will discuss both the beneficial impacts of a balanced nervous system, as well as the negative impacts an imbalanced nervous system can have on our life and vitality. We will go over common nervous system related health issues, such as anxiety, insomnia, burnout and more.

We will then look at how to balance our nervous system with herbs; learning which herbal categories target the nervous system, how they function, and discussing specific herbal approaches to lowering stress and balancing the nervous system. The class will also discuss some simple lifestyle hacks for stress management and supporting the nervous system. If there is enough time, we will also go over some basic herbal formulating so you can learn how you can support your unique nervous system with herbs that are specifically targeted to you.