May 19th 3-5pm

Come learn about herbal aphrodisiacs and making herbal medicines to improve sex, sensuality and open-hearted relating. In this hands-on class, we will discuss the nuanced realms of sex and herbs, and learn practical herbal based approaches to improving and invigorating our relationships and sex lives. This class will expand your understanding of certain herbal actions/categories, introduce specific herbs for sexual wellness and inspire you to play with more herbs at home. The class will include both a lecture portion and a hands-on medicine making portion, in which you will learn to make a variety of herbal aphrodisiac medicines. You will leave this class with 2 types of herbal medicine handmade by you!

*class price includes all medicine making supplies*

From the teacher, Amma Rosavalon: 

I am a clinical herbalist, plant lover, gardener and kitchen witch. I have maintained a lifelong connection to the realms of nature, and that love affair has informed my path as an herbalist and advocate of wellness through connection to nature and its medicines. I am wildly passionate about the interconnectedness between our bodies' health and the health of the natural world. I trained in bioregional herbalism, Ayurveda, ethical wildcrafting and clinical herbalism through the Hawthorn Institute and have continued to devote myself to the path of herbal medicine ever since. I believe everyone deserves access to herbal medicine, holistic health support and connection to nature. I am honored to serve as a conduit in this way.

You can find me online at www.ammarosavalon.com and on Instagram @mamma.amma