Thursday June 9th from 6-8:30pm with Gwendolyn Terra

It is a little intense these days…nothing is certain. So much is shifting quickly, and we can’t do it by ourselves. Finding our way towards the New is key… We can do it, if we remember how to Create and Play together…

Are You a HeARTist ?
Are You feeling the Call for things to change Personally and in the World?
Are You Ready to Craft a New Story ?

It is time.
It will take all of us
... Let's do it together
through our Sacred Voices, Hearts and Hands.


Earlier peoples used theatre and storytelling to connect to the Mystery and Learn together…Using ancient practices with present day somatic and symbolic tools… In these offerings we will transform our old stories into the present and grow them into a future we can all say Yes to… We will play with the symbols, myths and stories that are still running underneath our world and bring New Life to them and write new ways of living and being, rooted in the deep Earth wisdom and Creative Inspiration.

It is time for us to fully Re-Member who we are. The remembrance of our power, the remembrance of our voice, the remembrance of our SOUL'S vision and wisdom. The energies are potent and transformation is happening. You may feel you are in the void, struggling with decisions and/or clarity of your path. You may be asked to transition into a whole new way of being and interacting with the world.

Reactivate your divine purpose and Open to new levels of healing as we Experience the Living Oracle we collectively generate. through Sacred Play. This will be a Sacred Interactive In-Bodied Exploration, led by our Hearts …

This Offering of Heart and Soul Theatre is the evolution of the Systemic and Integration Constellation work Gwendolyn has been leading for the last decade and an incredible array of sacred movement tools she has cultivated for over 25 years.


Gwendolyn Terra is a Mystic Muse, IN-Bodyment and Spiritual Guide, Systemic/ Integration Constellations Facilitator and Sacred Heart Gardener... Living and Guiding Organic Transformational, Heart Opening, Sacred Movement and Divinely IN-spired Living Experiences for groups and Individuals across the U.S and Internationally for over 25 years. Gwendolyn is a Grounded Spiritual Mentor and guide for many creatives, teachers and guides on the Embodiment and Conscious Living path. She loves nourishing, building, and strengthening Heart Leaders—individuals that are bringing in the new tools and consciousness as a collective for our world --by mentoring them in Organic Transformational group and individual processes, cultivating Collective Magic ,and supporting them on their journey so they can show up more fully in alignment and embody their gifts and nourish and inspire those they are here to serve.

Her Divine mission is to cultivate Sacred Spaces designed to Open our Hearts to the Blessings we are and to Nourish the Growth of our Humanity in more IN tuned ways with the Earth, our Spirit, and each other as we learn to live our Divinity in our Humanity.
For more info go to www.divinemovements.com.