June 4th from 11-12:30


Tap into the alchemical power of conscious creation and wield energy
towards desired outcomes. In this empowering series of three classes, we will cover:
• The 7 Laws of the Universe
• How to harness the power of the Moon
• Timeline jumping
• The foundation of conscious creation
• How to achieve goals through power, not force
• Vibrational assessment
• Balance of Masculine & Feminine forces
• The conscious creation killer
• Healthy boundaries
• Situational reframing
• Empowered problem-solving
• How to fuel energy towards living your dreams!
In this series you will receive:

• Coupons & special offers
• A discount for a 3-month online membership to Energy Alchemists’
Academy with access to:
o Guided meditations
o Discounts on 1 to 1 Reiki sessions/Energy readings with Natasha
o Access to a private chat group
o Weekly posts to support your progress

Class #1 – The Foundation of Conscious Creation
Class #2 – Balancing Energies for Optimal Outcomes
Class #3 – Attuning Vibration Towards Desired Manifestations
Participants do not have to attend all three classes but the information presented is
cumulative. Attendance to all three classes is recommended in order to receive
maximum benefit.