A Two-Day Immersive Intentional Creativity Workshop

October 8th from 6 to 8 p.m.

Work closely with world-renowned visionary artist, Ishka Lha, to help you connect with your mystic heart, and draw out its riches. Using ritual, pencil, and a com- pass, Ishka will guide you through a creative practice to develop an empowering piece of art that will expand your experience of magic, unity, and tranquility in your everyday life. Beautiful live music will be provided by singer and multi-in- strumentalist, James Caran, to support your inspired artistic journey. All levels welcome. All materials provided. Ages 8 and up are welcome (10 and under are free with a paying adult).
Materials Provided for You:
~ Drawing paper
~ 1 drawing board
~ 2 drawing pencils of various densities ~ A compass
~ A good eraser
~ A pencil sharpener

*You will have the option to buy certain class materials to take home when the weekend is over.
Please arrive 15 MINUTES EARLY to each class to get settled in. We will need to be- gin promptly at our start time in order to make the most of our sessions together.

1st Session:
Our first session will be held at a wonderful herbal and healing arts space in down- town Ashland, OR, at Elder Apothecary. At this first session, we will be opening our circle with specific rituals and practices to tap into our heart and creative spirit, and we will drop into what our true heart's desire actually is. From here, Ishka will teach specific drawing techniques used to infuse our art with imbedded intention, which will set the foundation for the rest of our artistic process for the weekend. We will also be using sound, music, and movement to help open up our channels for the divine muse, so be prepared to pARTicipate. Please arrive with an open and receptive heart, ready to learn and grow.

2nd Session:
Our second session will take place on a small mountain top with breathtakingly stunning views in Gold Hill, OR, at Eagle's Landing Institute, just 35 minutes north of Ashland. This session will open up once again with rituals and practices to help us tap into our heart and creative spirit, and we will spend the afternoon continu- ing with our work from the day before. Ishka will give a couple short demonstra- tions on drawing technique, and will move across the circle for a touch of 1:1 sup- port with each member of the group throughout the day. We will close our week- end by sharing and reflections as a group, with an optional potluck style dinner from 5-7pm.
The emphasis of this weekend is much less about an external product, and much more about our internal process and the magic that emerges from that place. Trust will be a vital and integral part of the process, knowing that we all have what it takes to create a piece of art that will bring a deeper sense of wholeness to all realms of our lives.

**If you would like to stay for dinner after the 2nd Session, please bring your own prepared meal (we have microwaves and stovetops for heating if needed). We will not be sharing food in the traditional potluck sense, but we can all share indoor and outdoor space (weather permitting) as we eat and revel to our heart's content before dispersing around 6 or 7pm.

1st Session (Oct 8th, 6-8pm) = $39 (*please register with Elder Apothecary at www.elderapothecary.love)
2nd Session (Oct 9th, 1-5pm instruction, 5-7pm potluck dinner) = $69-$109 sliding scale (*please register with Ishka Lha here at https://www.ishkalha.com/work- shops)
Total = $108-$148 for a total of six hours of group instruction throughout the week- end, plus an optional 2 hr potluck dinner after the 2nd session.

*BOTH SESSIONS ARE REQUIRED FOR COMPLETE REGISTRATION. You must attend both sessions to receive full instruction.
Space is limited to only 12 seats, so please register early to secure your spot.
Please email Ishka at artislove@ishkalha.com with any questions about the class and possible work trade or scholarship options. If you are traveling from afar, and need accommodations, we may be able to provide you with a room or tiny house at Eagle's Landing Institute (where the 2nd session will be located). Let Ishka know if this is something you are interested in.

*Workshop Tuition:
1st Session = $39 (*register with Elder Apothecary, www.elderapothecary.love) 2nd Session = $69-$109 sliding scale (*register with Ishka Lha, https:// www.ishkalha.com/workshops)
Total = $108-$148 for six hours of group instruction throughout the weekend

*BOTH SESSIONS ARE REQUIRED FOR COMPLETE REGISTRATION. You must attend both sessions to receive full instruction. Please register for the 1st session through the Elder Apothecary website (www.elderapothecary.love) and register for the 2nd session through Ishka Lha’s website (https://www.ishkalha.com/workshops).



Ishka Lha (pronounced ee-shka la) is a world-renowned visionary artist, musician, writer, ritualist, and mentor from northern California. She grew up on a ranch atop the rolling hills of a very rural town, where the quiet natural beauty of her childhood sur- roundings inspired endless imaginative play and creativity. At university, she earned a Professional Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, with an emphasis on natural building and eco-village design; and shortly thereafter, she set sail for the exploration and creation of art as a healing modality. She has since integrated her love for spiritual growth, harmonious design, and community building into a variety of applied formats for over twenty years.
Ishka is part of a growing visionary art movement that is dedicated to the evolution of consciousness, and approaches her creative process as a spiritual practice. Her art explores and celebrates the natural radiance inherent in all dimensions of life through the use of neo-traditional iconography and mythology, and she is especially interest- ed in what universal archetypes have most helpfully guided humankind's passage through time into greater avenues of mutual respect, understanding, and heartfelt livelihood. Her work is primarily featured in private collections, galleries, healing cen- ters, and transformational art and music festivals across the globe.