December 13th from 5 to 6:30 p.m.

Intention: Educate to Empower women and womb-holders to release dependence on the medical establishment for their reproductive health and well-being.  These classes will give you the tools to take your fertility, hormonal health and contraception back into your own power. 

Class Three- Cycle Liberation: Why and How to get off hormonal contraceptives. This class will explain the physiological, emotional and environmental effects of synthetic hormone use and offer support to take the steps to claim back your cycle well-being.  

Sarah Bly is a local Ashland resident, mother and communitarian who has been working in the field of sexual/reproductive health for 25 years. A former homebirth midwife, Sarah has devoted the last decade of her career to educating folks on living a more ‘body literate’ life, learning to listen and respond to our bodies' queues and to the patterns of nature, finding reverence for our life-giving fertility, our sexuality and our innate health. She does this through her offerings as a Fertility Awareness and Sexual Health Educaor.  In addition to her private practice, Sarah runs teacher training programs for educators and women’s health care practitioners to transition to a more client-led, somatic based practice. She also offers wilderness immersions here in the Rogue Valley.  You can read more about her offerings on her website at graceofthemoon.com