April 30 from 2-3pm with Natasha Sol

Learn how to utilize the energies of the Feng Shui energy map. In this class, we will cover the eight areas (bagua) of the home along with the corresponding elements, colors and associations with life aspects e.g., love, health, career, abundance. We will learn how to activate these areas and stimulate healthy energy flow (Qi) through the alchemical energies of crystals.


Intuitive Energy Therapist, Natasha Sol, has been happily serving the Ashland community & beyond since receiving her Usui Reiki Master certification in 2007. Utilizing the tools of Reiki, color, crystal and sound therapies, Natasha offers energy alignment sessions for individuals which can include chakra and masculine/feminine aspect balancing, dream interpretation and Oracle readings. She also offers energy clearings & blessings for spaces, whether home, land or business. Clients often report a lightness and a renewed sense of peacefulness after receiving a clearing. Her passion lies in helping others feel their best, live their healthiest, and align with their highest, optimal timeline. Accommodating both in-person and remote sessions, her practice is presently located at Ashland Natural Medicine. You may discover more at