April 17th from 4:30 to 6:30 pm

A class for cultivating, nurturing, and inspiring your intuitive/psychic abilities. For beginner intuitives ready to open up and explore their abilities, and intermediate psychics wanting extra clarity in their practice.


Workshop intentions for Level 1:

  • Shed light on psychic work, it’s not that mystical! I believe everyone can have, and does have psychic abilities. It’s a matter of exercising these psychic muscles, as you do this, your abilities will increase more and more. My dear mom used to say to me when I was little that “Everyone is a baby psychic” and we still stand by this.

  • Open you up to dialog with your inner creative intelligence. We all have infinite creative potential/intelligence within us, in this workshop I hope to provide tools and practices for you to connect with your inner creative intelligence.

  • Offer tools and tricks for turning inward in challenging external events. As they say “Inner peace is world peace”. Learning to communicate with your inner being and strengthening this muscle helps resolve conflicts in external realities and cultivate growth from the root source of the conflict.

  • Guide you in navigating inner realms with playful curiosity and open mindedness. Psychic work is extremely fun, and makes life so much more interesting!

  • Psychic protection and grounding, some of the most important tools I will share in the workshop are protection and grounding. Your energy is sacred and deserves to be protected/preserved.


Class price: $55 for one two hour long class

Bundle deal for signing up for all three levels of Psychic school is $150 instead of $165

Class I study guide book digital copy: $5

Class I study guide book printed copy, given in class: $11


I’ve organized the classes in groups, in case you’d like to work in the same group each month, and keep your familiar classmates. I have each class spaced out between four weeks, so you can progress from level I, to level II while having four weeks of integration. Taking Class I is a prerequisite for class II and likewise Class II to III. If you intend to progress through all three classes, I recommend purchasing them all at once with the class bundle deal here:


My name is Maja Chenmo, and I will be your Psychic School teacher here at Elder Apothecary! 

Here is a little bit about me: 

I am a  psychic medium, channel, and energy healer. My psychic abilities began to open up after a series of extreme life events that took place in the summer of 2020. Last summer, I apprenticed with Tymothy Smith, L.Ac., a fellow healer and psychic who showed me the ropes to professional energetic healing. Currently I have my own Energetic Healing practice, offer Medium Readings at Elder Apothecary daily, and will be facilitating Psychic School on Wednesdays! Opening up to my psychic abilities and energetic sensitivity has not been the easiest path, but one I am deeply grateful to walk. With Psychic school, I hope to provide beginner psychics and intuitives alike tools for navigating the “unseen” realms. Create a safe non judgemental environment for beginners to explore their abilities, and offer exercises for expanding on their unique gifts.