A body oil that goes beyond moisturizing dry skin. This tissue softening & toning, lymph moving & reparative oil is plump with potent botanical infusions of Calendula, Violet & Yarrow. These herbs are known for their ability to break down hard tissue, promote movement within the body & restore depleted conditions. Bodywork Oil is designed to bring relief & cultivate repair to the body. Use daily. Apply fresh from the shower for best results. If you have limited mobility, this oil moves lymphatic fluid and eases discomfort associated with muscle atrophy. Ask a trusted partner to massage upward into legs. Use daily for chest massage, post workout support, & skin conditioning. Ingredients Sunflower Oil*, Calendula*, Violet', Yarrow*, Rosemary Extract*. *organic 'locally harvested Our Standard Herbalist Formulated // Plant Based // Botanically Elevated // Organic You'll never find these in our skincare products: Parabens, GMOs, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrance, Artificial Dyes