May help with :
~ Lymphatic system drainage
~ Hydrate + Moisturize
~ Helps eliminate congestion
~ Regenerate the flow of qi and Cultivate Shen
~ Regulate Nervous System
~ Promotes Circulation ~ Flow ~ Clears stagnation
~ Deeply heart opening
~ Emotionally healing
~ Collagen Boosting
~ Heart Health ~ Cardiovascular Health
~ Respiratory Health
~ Supports w/ Cysts
~ Detoxifying
~ Deepens Intuition
~ Balancing Hormones
~ Opens emotional and intuitive centers
~ Can assist with grief, trauma and depression
~ Protective

From the Crafter:

Our breasts are our Antennae to the world, quite literally. As women our breasts are our barometers for whether something is in alignment and also very deeply connected to our Intuition.
By connecting to the breasts through the art of self massage, recommended with a rose quartz Gua Sha, we can drain all stagnation, promote optimal breast health and also clear out all stagnant emotions that our breasts and heart hold.
It is a deeply healing form of self loving care to practice breast massage.

Using infused herbal oils is an easy and pleasurable way to keep your breasts healthy and prevent any issues in the future. Breast skin is thin and absorbent, and breast tissue contains a great deal of fat, which readily absorbs infused herbal oils.

I truly believe in preventative medicine more than anything, to know YOUR body more than anyone else.

Body oiling in general is EXTREMELY beneficial for grounding, soothing and regulating our nervous system, feeding our body healthy fats and minerals, protecting us from outer pollutants and keeps us in check with ourselves through getting to know what’s on and under your skin.

It has been infusing for many moons now, in the dark without any heat of course, slow seasonal medicine as nature intended and how the most potent infusions are made

This formulation is from LOTS of research
I ONLY use Carrier oils that are 100% Unrefined, Cold Pressed & Virgin.
I get the COA to check the date is was made and I ONLY purchase carrier oils that were made within a few months at the VERY latest.
I also ONLY use carrier oils that DO NOT rancidify and oxidize rapidly

Every single ingredient was chosen with A LOT of care, research, love, intention and specification for breast health.

PLEASE NOTE : This oil is not to be used while breastfeeding or pregnant.

✨💫 ALL INGREDIENTS ARE💫✨ 100% Organic ~ Biodynamic ~ Wild ~ Alive ~ Vegan ~ Botanical ~ Pure ~ Sustainable ~ Homegrown 🌿

100% Organic : Pristine Bulgarian Rose Otto Essential Oil, Rose Geranium Essential Oil, Rose de Mai Essential Oil, Unrefined Cold Pressed : Pomegranate, Marula & Roselle Hibiscus Carrier Oils, Wild pink roses, Rosa Damascena, Red Roses, Calendula, Ashwaganda, Shatavari, Comfrey root, Dandelion root, Red clover, Astragalus, Tulsi, Fennel, Fenugreek, Wild yam, Tulsi, Raspberry, Poke root, Boswellia Frankincense