April 23rd at 7 pm

Chamber Punk & Courageous Folk
featuring Ghost Prairie, Balladir, and a Simple Pig

Ghost Prairie's bio:

Ghost prairie is a folk duo in love. In love with the old songs and the new. Seamlessly blending original and traditional music, their songs are spare and cutting with soaring harmonies and meaningful lyrics. Taking their listeners on an emotional journey through the wilderness of the heart.

A Simple Pig bio:

🌬️Eric Douglas Alexander was born in Frankfort, Indiana in 1982. Raised in the rock and roll tradition, they took the stage with their family at the age of four. While studying music at Ball State University from 2001 to 2005 they contributed to recordings from ...revel in the morning, Everything, Now!, and Clearance. They also produced Some Kind of Sex as a solo artist. While residing primarily in Bloomington, IN they continued to tour with Everything, Now!, and contributed to recordings by Hot Fighter #1. They left E,N! in 2009. They remained in Bloomington until 2018, contributing to recordings by Normanoak, Trance Dancer, Thee Tsunamis, and ABC Gum while also producing solo records as Brother Dolphin, Sir Deja Doog, and Eric Douglas Alexander. Fae are now a simple pig, the faeroine of faer own made up story.🧙🏿‍♂️

Balladir bio: 

Balladir does chamber punk. Sarcastic folk songs of love and war, told with soft strings and dark harmony, fiddles and accordions and mirth. These sonic candle-lights seek to honor the dusty arts of heraldry, epic poetry, and the singing telegram. Inspired by such modern folk heroes as Gary Gygax, Clarisse McClellan, and Calliope of Nestus, Balladir champions anachronisms that should've never been forgotten. With a wink and a warble, we wish you wit.