Greetings Beloveds, my name is Willow Holloway, one of the owners of Elder Apothecary in Ashland, Oregon. By the encouragement of confidants in our community, we are creating this fundraiser with the intention of staying open as a brick & mortar in this town. We just opened in December 2020 with courage and good credit. Because of the ongoing Fire Season smoke and resurgence in virus cases, we are struggling to make enough to stay open. We have created this community space with Elixir Bar, Botanical Library, Lounge Space, and Bulk Herbs and Tinctures for the love of this good earth, it’s medicines and the folks we call community. We would love to continue serving you in this way, holding space and showing up as devotees of the natural world. We appreciate you all, are glad to be a part of this community and would love to stay ✨!

With the amount we are asking, we hope to be supported in staying open for another 2 months until the Fall rains come and the smoke dissipates. The amount will help us pay our basic bills and our 3 employees. We are not yet paying ourselves as owners, which we’ve heard from other business owners to expect in the first year of being open. 

Supporting us is supporting not only your local organic medicinal herb farmers, but the local makers whose goods we stock, the teachers who hold courses through our space, the maintenance of a medicine space for community to gather, and the small team we have who are local healers and artists. 

Here is a link to our GoFundMe campaign:

Elder Apothecary GoFundMe

If you are not able to donate, consider simply sharing this in your circle, even the seemingly small things can help so much!

From the bottom of our hearts, a BIG thank you for all your support, encouragement and kind words so far! We look forward to the opportunity to continue serving this amazing community.